Mouhamed ‘Moudi’ Tajjour about deportation of Sam Ibrahim: “He will live like a king’s king in Lebanon”

Sam Ibrahim

A former Nomads MC national president claims his cousin Hassan ‘Sam’ Ibrahim will ‘live like a king’ if deported from Australia to Lebanon.

Ibrahim, the brother of Kings Cross identity John Ibrahim, was handed over to federal authorities on Thursday in preparation for his deportation.

Officers from NSW Police Force’s Strike Force Raptor flew the crime figure to Perth after he was paroled from a nine-year jail term in NSW for a firearm offence. 

‘My cousin got deported. Lot of people are talking s**t, but you all are sad to think he is being published…he’s a multi-millionaire, he will live like a king’s king in Lebanon and most likely travel across the globe,’ he wrote in a post on Instagram.’

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