Satudarah MC remains banned in Netherlands

Satudarah MC

Satudarah motorcycle club remains banned. The ban also applies to local chapters and support clubs, according to the Supreme Court. The court in The Hague banned the club in June 2019, following the court. The motorcycle club appealed to the highest court to undo the ban, but the Supreme Court rejected that request on Friday morning.

The civil suit against Satudarah to ban and dissolve the club is one of a series of the Public Prosecution Service against motorcycle clubs in the Netherlands. The Public Prosecution sees the clubs as “criminal hotbeds” and therefore a danger to public order. Members of Satudarah by government allegations are involved in such things as homicide, assault and drug trafficking.

Also civil proceedings are instituted to prohibit the Hells Angels, No Surrender, Caloh Wagoh and Bandidos, but Bandidos managed to prove that local chapters are independent enough to avoid that ban. The Supreme Court will rule on the ban on No Surrender MC on December 4 and the Hells Angels, the court will appeal a ban in December.

Founded in 1990, Satudarah has several local chapters and three support clubs (Saudarah, Supportcrew 999 and Yellow Snakes). According to the court, the latter is an independent association and does not fall under the prohibition. The court ruled on appeal that the ban does apply to the local chapters. The Supreme Court agrees and calls Satudarah’s complaints in cassation unfounded.

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Source: Crimesite