Five dealers allegedly taken in bikie quest for missing drug shipment


At least five drug dealers have been kidnapped in the past week by a Sydney bikies as they try to track down who stole a massive cocaine shipment belonging to them, the Daily Telegraph reports.

Sources saying the leader of bikies is furious and has ordered his underlings to find out who is responsible for the drug theft.

Drugs from stolen shipment allegedly was sold to Middle Eastern criminals in Sydney’s south west in the past week.

“The importation had a stamp on it and the guys selling it have rubbed parts of it off trying to disguise where it came from, ‘’ a source connected to the city’s Middle Eastern underworld said.

Other sources saying that some of the kidnap victims are being bashed, robbed of drugs, and, in some cases, forced to cough up payment.

The 400kg batch of cocaine worthing approximately $100M in street pricing, disappeared from a warehouse in south west Sydney a few weeks ago.

A major crime figure from Sydney’s southern suburbs, who was acquitted of killing a fellow drug dealer over a decade ago, is now being named by many in the underworld as the culprit. He is considered a “serious player’’ in the Sydney crime scene.

The source said the stolen drugs were now appearing on the street.

“The enforcers are grabbing guys and trying to get names of higher ups to find who was behind the rip,” he said.

“A number of crime families have given orders that any members of the bikies club seen in the south west are to be grabbed in retaliation,” he said.

NSW police are aware of the escalating tension.

“It’s a miracle no-one has been shot already,’’ police said.

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Based on The Daily Telegraph story