Violent brawl between members of rival bikie clubs at Scarborough’s The Sandbar caught on CCTV

Police are investigating after a violent clash between members of rival bikie clubs broke out at a popular Scarborough bar.

The brawl kicked off about 7.30pm on Tuesday, shortly after the two bikies arrived at The Sandbar.

After exchanging harmless pleasantries — even shaking hands — the situation quickly soured, with CCTV footage obtained by Nine News showing one man repeatedly punching and kneeing the other.

As blow after blow was delivered, stunned staff and patrons scrambled out of the way, toppling over furniture in their rush to safety.

One of the men was taken from the popular beachside night spot to Royal Perth Hospital, while the other was charged by the WA National Anti-Gang Squad for fighting in public and causing fear.

It comes two months after a police sting which saw at least half a dozen Hells Angels bikies get ejected from The Lookout.

At the time, Scarborough police Sergeant Craig Wanstall said the members of the outlaw motorcycle club were resting their club colours on their laps, adding that it is not permitted to wear these patches as a condition of entry to licensed premises.

Gang crime officers ejected the Hells Angels under section 115 of the liquor licensing act for being “quarrelsome and disorderly”, but no arrests were made.

Watch video here.

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Source: The West Australian