Former Canberra Satudarah MC president jailed over drug bust in prison

Satudarah MC

A former president of the upstart Canberra chapter of the Satudarah MC has been jailed over a drug bust inside prison.

Darin Paul Keir, 41, faced the ACT Magistrates Court on Wednesday where he was jailed for 2 months, which he has already served, after he was caught with two balloons stuffed with heroin, cocaine and methamphetamine while previously serving time at Canberra’s jail.

He was also jailed for a month for the unrelated possession of an extendible baton.

Keir, of Nichols, is a former low-ranking member of the Rebels but later defected to the Satudarah, and was appointed chapter president when two other senior members were locked up.

The club’s Canberra chapter appears to have all but disbanded, with most of its handful of members — themselves mostly rejects from other bikie clubs — in jail.

The court on Wednesday heard Keir was serving time in 2019 when a routine search of his cell uncovered two red balloons, stuffed with substances that appeared to be drugs.

One balloon, testing confirmed, contained a 6.1 gram mixture of heroin and cocaine, while the other contained 3.3 grams of methamphetamine.

Later, after his release, police pulled him over and found a 38cm retractable baton in a backpack in his car.

Defence lawyer Tim Sharman said Keir purchased the baton on the internet, where they were “unfortunately available” with no warning that they were illegal weapons.

Keir, he said, should have known it was against the law, having previously been charged with possessing knuckledusters.

Mr Sharman also said Keir found the two red balloons in a laundry pile in jail, and was not involved in smuggling them inside.

Keir also did not have a visitor pass the drugs to him, Mr Sharman said.

Mr Sharman said Keir should have handed the drugs over to authorities when he found them

Prosecutor Maddison Fielders told the court Keir went to “some effort to hide the drugs”.

Keir has been behind bars since September, and has now served his three months jail, but will remain behind bars on remand on other, unrelated charges.

He has pleaded not guilty to those charges and will return to court in March.

As he was escorted from court yesterday, he waved to the public gallery and said “I love youse”.

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Source: The Daily Telegraph