Mighty Mongrel Mob Barbarian MC members are descending in South Island for National Gathering

Mighty Mongrel Mob Barbarian MC

National Gathering of Mongrel Mob will take place this weekend on the South Island.

More then 100 members of the Mighty Mongrel Mob Barbarian MC were travelling to Christchurch on Friday to take part in a national gathering and motorcycle run afterwards.

By the words of police sources police were aware of the gathering and had dedicated extra resources to watch over the bikies.

The gathering comes with the background of a double shooting involving Fairmont Wiringi, the son of Mongrel Mob Aotearoa president Joseph “Junior” Wiringi tha thappened couple of weeks ago.

Some of Mongrel Mob members from opther regions already have moved to Christchurch in the last six months, reinforcing the power of organization in region.

The reason of such relocation is unclear, but the new arrivals to the city have not caused any issues for police.

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