Victoria government recognized anti-bikie laws as useless

An anti-consorting laws which was called to break up bikie clubs has been officialy recognaized as useless since no anti-consorting orders issued by Victoria Police in more than five years.

And now, in 19 month after the review started seems that government has no idea what to do with this laws.

Instead of this bikie clubs answered to this laws by increasing their members numbers at 75% in the past seven years.

Experts saying that ­Victoria’s anti-consorting legislation is poorly worded with high limitations for orders to be issued.

Concerns raised in the state government’s law review ­included lower-level police­officers not being able to issue orders, the threshold to prove unlawful association being too high, and those with ­convictions in other states not being caught by the scheme.

On the other side – NSW, where 8556 warnings to 2412 people were issued in the first four years after similar legislation was introduced there.

Now government looking for opportunities on how to make anti-bikie laws working and tight the nuts.

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