Motorcycle club’s fundraising helps youth connection center for homeless children

Choosen Breed MRC

Greg Bobinec

Lethbridge Herald

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The Chozen Breed Motorcycle Riding Club Lethbridge Chapter has been fundraising over the last few months to help support Wood’s Homes Lethbridge programs, and finished off their fundraising with a Motorcycle Show and Shine on Saturday afternoon.

It was the first show and shine for the riding club, which just formed in April, and they have been working on supporting Wood’s Homes through various fundraisers, including their quilt auction that helped support the majority of their fundraising efforts.

“We are having a show and shine, and everything raised here today goes towards Wood’s Homes Lethbridge,” says John Allen, president of the motorcycle club’s Lethbridge chapter. “We have got the quilt that we have been raffling off for the last few months which has given us $12,000 and that will be drawn today, along with all of the bike admissions and funds from the barbecue going towards Wood’s Homes.”

Wood’s Homes is a youth connection centre that provides a short-term place for young people to stay who are not living at home for various reasons, or who are struggling with family or placement conflict. Wood’s Homes has various programs in which they can assist youth to a better future through crisis and concealing services, as well as providing them with the basic necessities. Chozen Breed Motorcycle Riding Club chose to work with the organization for how much they can impact the life of a youth.

“Wood’s Homes sort of hits home to me. They help kids get off the streets, they give them a safe place to sleep at night, they have shower, laundry, three meals a day, they help them to hopefully get some resumes, get their education started, get out and find somewhere to live, and make them a good member of society again,” says Allen. “We are going to be continuing to do this every year. The show and shine is going to be an annual event now, the quilt we had made that we have raffled off, there is another one in the works for next year and the year after that as well, so we can continue to do this every year.”

As the motorcycle club continues to grow its membership, they will continue to raise funds to help support local organizations. For the remainder of the season, the group will be continuing to collect funds as well as toiletries for their toiletry ride later this year. In future years, the group hopes to help many different organizations through various fundraising events. To support the Chozen Breed Motorcycle Riding Club, Lethbridge Chapter, or to join the group, contact them through their Facebook page for more information.

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