5 stabbed during a fight between Alberta motorcycle clubs in Cranbrook, B.C., police say

Eastern British Columbia hospital was closed due to the presence of outlaw bikers who need medical care over the fight between them.

Оn Friday at 7 o’clock in the evening the Cranbrook RCMP received the address about a fight at a gas station. An RCMP press release said that at the scene of the fight, officers were able to divide the audience into two groups, and found that they are associates of two rival biker groups from Alberta.

“I don’t know what it was about or what it was over,” said the witness who asked not to be named. “The cops came afterwards but it looked like 30 Rebels and probably 15 (Hells Angels).”

“I was like, wow, this stuff really does happen. It’s not just TV,” said the man described the scene like chaos. He added that in their town it rarely can be seen such a brutal fight.

Near the hospital, police tried to keep the members of the two groups away from each other. The hospital was temporarily blocked while providing medical care to five victims who had stab wounds. Doctors assured that the injuries do not pose a threat to the lives of the victims.

The police said that all the victims were free after medical treatment, no one was arrested. However, one group was taken out of town by the Cranbrook RCMP.