The Red Devils MC member granted a conditional discharge and should pass anger management program

This Monday Ontario St. Catharines Court held a hearing on the assault of a member of the Red Devils MC on a member of the Outlaws MC.

Defendant Matthew Quattrociocchi, 21, who by the words of the Ontario Provincial Police biker enforcement unit was a member of the Red Devils MC, has pleaded guilty in assault charges.

The Court heared that both sides of conflict are motorcycle enthusiasts: defendant is a member of the Red Devils motorcycle club whic is a support club for the Hells Angels, and the victim is a member of the Outlaws motorcycle club.

The Court heared that on June 9, 2020 two men confronted outside a convenience store on Lake Street in St. Catharines and Mr.Quattrociocchi has stucked the victim by a bat several times.

The incident partially was catched on CCTV camera.

The victim refused to cooperate with LEOs.

Taking into account the young age of the defendant and other circumstances Judge Fergus O’Donnell has placed Mr.Quattrociocchi on probation for 12 months and ordered to undergo anger management counselling.

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