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In a day of action, unparalleled in recent years, South Australian law enforcement agencies have today targeted the activities of Outlaw Motorcycle Club (OMC) members and associates.

Following a number of overt violent acts, SA Police and the Department for Correctional Services hit back with searches of properties and prison cells.

The operation co-ordinator, Chief Superintendent Tom Osborn said today’s activities were simply the beginning of wider action by police, and other agencies, which was designed to disrupt the OMCG unlawful behaviour.

“We have a clear message for members of the OMCGs who have been involved in events in Adelaide over the last two weeks,” he said. “This will not be tolerated.”

About 7.30am today a shot was fired at a property in Classic Court in West Lakes.

A 27-year-old man from West Lakes was arrested at the address and remains in police custody.

He is expected to be charged with breaching his home detention and will appear in court at a later time.

The incident is believed to be the latest in a tit-for-tat series of violence involving deliberately lit fires and shots being fired at a home in Ascot Park.

While some officers were investigating today’s incident, other police were searching 28 different premises across Adelaide as part of the wider inquiry.

One person is expected to face charges for breaching a Firearms Prohibition Order, while others were issued with drug diversions (4), and cannabis expiation notices (11).

Two people will be reported in relation to steroids, and one person is also expected to be reported in relation to hydroponic cannabis that was located during the searches.

Chief Superintendent Tom Osborn said anyone charged with the two recent firearms incidents could face a long custodial sentence on charges of committing acts endangering life, noting that in a recent case an OMC member was sentenced to seven years in prison after firing shots at a residential property.

“This type of violence will not be tolerated,” he reiterated. “These are not random incidents, but each poses an unacceptable risk to the wider, law-abiding community.

“While police have made significant inroads into disrupting the criminal activities of these organised crime groups over recent years, we know that they continue to be prominent in the illicit drug trade.

“We will continue to investigate and monitor their activities to shut down this criminal activity.”

Police now believe six incidents – four fires and two shootings – are linked to the current dispute, which is understood to relate to a drug debt.

The linked incidents are:

  • Monday 5 August a fire about 3am at a property on Tulloch Drive, St Clair  is found to be deliberately lit. A vehicle parked on the property was destroyed and the house sustained some damage to a door and eaves.
  • Thursday 8 August a food van parked on a property at Mile End was destroyed in a deliberately lit fire.
  • Friday 9 August a gymnasium on Marker Avenue, Marleston was substantially damaged in a deliberately lit fire.
  • Monday 12 August five shots were fired into a residential property on Woods St, Ascot Park.
  • Wednesday 14 August hairdressing premises at Seaton were damaged in a deliberately lit fire.
  • Friday 16 August a shot was fired into a dwelling at West Lakes.

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Source: SA Police