Abilene motorcycle club does charitable work around town, cleaning up streets

The Brothers of Fortune Motorcycle Club

ABILENE, Texas (KRBC/KTAB) – The Brothers of Fortune Motorcycle Club started a community service group called The Fortune Riders.

“We want people to see that we can be a law-abiding motorcycle club that cares about your community and actually gets out and does those changes. Be the change you want to see,” said Cody Winter, Head Fortune Riders.

Their first project, picking up trash in an empty lot near a retirement community and Sam’s Club.

“It is just something that allows us to be ourselves but also not lose that aspect of community and family as well,” said Heather Cobb, Brothers of Fortune Member.

This charitable plan is only the beginning.

“If we are out there doing that then other people can be like we can do this too, we can be apart from that and it allows us kind of lead by example,” said Cobb.

On day one, people already following in their footsteps.

“We just had a random individual stop, saw us out here and asked if he could have a couple of bags to go pick up some trash,” said Winter.

Adrian Belli and his dad live near the area deciding to give the 15 minutes they had to help clean.

“We like Abilene Texas. We have been here for almost my whole life and I want to help this cause, what they are doing,” said Adrian.

They are going to try and do one or two events every month for the as long as they can. To find more information on the group go to their page here.

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Source: KTAB