Former neighbors of Geppert are lucky to be alive after second shooting attack on their home

Ex-Hells Angel Ben Geppert

It’s the second time in less than a week that the home on John Francis Drive has been targeted, with detectives confirming they’re looking at a possible link between the two.

Police say it’s too early to establish a motive, as investigations continue into the early morning shooting of home in Carrara.

A man and woman were asleep inside the home when the gunshots were fired into the bedroom and a vehicle around 4.00am.

Detective Inspector Brendan Smith from the Gold Coast Criminal Investigation Branch says the residents are very lucky to have escaped with their lives.

“The gunshots have obviously woken them up, one of the rounds has gone through the bedroom and lodged in the wall,” Detective Inspector Smith said.

“It’s just lucky that they weren’t standing up, or we could be talking about a murder.”

It comes just days after the home was was first shot at around 4.50am last Thursday.

“The same residence got attacked last Thursday morning,” Detective Inspector Smith confirmed. “It would appear that it’s linked, but at this stage it’s too early to say what we think the motive is or who may have been responsible.”

There’s reports that a Hells Angels bikie used to live in the house next door, with police revealing it’s one line of inquiry that they’re looking into.

“That person hasn’t lived in the street for some time, and the outlaw motorcycle club world they’re pretty closely aligned with each other so they would know that he wasn’t in the area, so whilst it is a line of inquiry it’s not a major concern at this point,” Detective Inspector Smith said.

Police have revealed that the residents of the home are extremely shaken by the incidents.

“They’re quite distraught, the lady at the house was quite upset this morning, and, as any normal person would be… You don’t expect to be laying in bed and have your house shot up,” Detective Inspector Smith said.

It’s understood witnesses in the street saw one person running away from the scene around the time of the shooting.

“That person would appear to be a male wearing dark clothing,” Detective Inspector Smith said.

Anyone with information is urged to come forward.

Source: MyGC