Motorcycle ride to benefit two Lafayette kids with disabilities

Pipe Hitters Union MC

LAFAYETTE, Ind. (WLFI) — A Lafayette motorcycle club is reaching out to more kids in need.

Four-year-old Juliette Dobrin and four-year-old Kash Ransom will benefit from The local Pipe Hitters Union Motorcycle club’s latest fundraiser.

We first introduced you to the local chapter of the Pipe Hitters Union last year. They raised nearly $20,000 to provide a four-year-old girl with a new set of eyes. Earlier this year, the club raised another $30,000 to benefit a local child with a heart condition.

“We’ve got high hopes for her, she’s a gift, she is a gift from God,” said Juliette’s father Aaron Dobrin.

“We’re always optimistic, you know, right now he’s non-verbal but that doesn’t mean tomorrow he can’t start talking,” said Kash’s father Adam Ransom.

The future looks even brighter for the Dobrin and Ransom family. Both have children with disabilities.

“Juliet has Rett Syndrome, which is a very rare genetic disorder,” said Dobrin.

“Kash has Autism Spectrum disorder and it’s a neurodevelopmental disorder, ‘said Kash’s mother Emily Ransom.

Juliette’s disorder affects her mobility and speech.

“We keep getting older and she just keeps getting bigger and eventually it’s going to be hard for us to get her in and out of a car,” said Dobrin. “Especially when she’s a pre-teen, teenager. It’s gonna be a lot harder.”

Kash’s disorder affects his behavior and speech.

“Sensory overload, it’s a huge thing,” said Ransom. “Loud noises, a bunch of people, anything like that can cause him to go into what we like to call a meltdown, where he can flop to the ground, hit, kick, he wants to run.”

The Pipe Hitters are raising money for more mobility tools for Juliette and a service dog for Kash. Motorcycle club Treasurer Tim Folyer said while they work to help those in need, they’re also helping themselves.

“Everyday in the United States 22-veterans commit suicide,” said Folyer. “For a lot of us, we separate from the military and we’re always looking for that brotherhood again.”

The Pipe Hitter motorcycle club is mainly made up of veterans and former firefighters and police officers.

“We spent a lot of weekends standing in front of Walmart’s of Rural King’s or standing in front of businesses collecting money from people that are walking in,” said Folyer. “That’s time away from our families and everything but these families definitely appreciate it and that’s what we’re about.”

The community has helped the motorcycle club raise a total of nearly 100-thousand dollars in almost a year and a half. The Pipe Hitters donate 100% of the funds to the kids they benefit.

On Saturday Aug.31, the Pipe Hitters will hit the road at 11:30 a.m. for a benefit motorcycle ride.

It’ll be at the Veterans of Foreign Wars located at 2660 Duncan Rd, Lafayette, IN 47904. Registration for the ride opens up at 10 a.m. It’s $20 per rider and $25 with a passenger.

There will be 50/50 raffle tickets, raffle items, auction items, and tough man’s contest at the Hunter’s Moon Harley Davidson located at 225 Progress Dr, Lafayette, IN 47905.

The motorcycle club is calling this fundraiser Maddie’s ride to pay homage to the first child they’ve helped.

Source: WLFI