‘Be aware of bikers on the road:’ More than 200 bikers ride to raise awareness

WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) A group of motorcyclists are trying to bring awareness to the increase in accidents in Sedgwick County.

Brad Bostick organized a Biker Awareness Ride through Facebook and bikers came by the dozens to participate Saturday morning.

“I’m totally shocked, I figured maybe ten or fifteen riders, to have this many riders that means there’s a lot of motorcycle riders here in Wichita that support the cause of biker awareness,” Bostick said.

He says more than 200 bikers showed up to participate and help spread the message: “be aware of bikers on the road.”

“Watch out for the other guy, that’s where the big problems come in,” Larry Ackerman said. “People don’t watch what’s coming down the road.”

“Our message is look out for each other, whether you’re on a motorcycle, in a car, truck, whatever you’re riding or driving just be aware of everybody,” Gina Bostic said.

The 200 plus riders took their biker awareness message all through the city. From Pawnee and Meridian to Rock Road, north to 21st, then west to Amidon and south to Seneca to the Keeper of the Plains.

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Source: KWCH