BACA aims to help kids recover from abuse in Monogalia County


MONONGALIA COUNTY, W.Va (WDTV) — The nonprofit organization, “Bikers Against Child Abuse” aims to empower child who have suffered abusive trauma and help them with recovery.

The crew works closely with children and performs the duties they feel are not offered by usual support professionals.

“We fill in the gap that many would love to. As much as our law enforcement and our councilors and therapists would love to get up at 2 in the morning and go to a child that cant sleep that has been abused and is fearful…we go, we fill in that gap and we have a place and that is our place”, said North Central WV chapter president, Bama.

Other duties include regular check up visits and walking the children to court.

They will even go as far as to sit outside a child’s house at night until they feel safe enough to fall asleep.

Bama says the biker stigma sometimes gives them a bad rap, but it is also the very thing that makes the relationship with their children work so well.

“That’s what makes us work. There is a connection between children and bikes and motorcyclists. Don’t know what it is, but it is great therapy. We’re not a motorcycle club, we’re not thugs, we’re not bullies. We happen to do our mission on the back of bikes”, explained Bama.

He also said they have seen incredible results from the children they have worked with, which only helps them carry out their duties with honor and enthusiasm.

Bama pointed out that being a part of the organization is completely volunteer-based.

None of the members are paid and have jobs on the side of their work with the bikers.

But Bama, and many other members of his crew, agree that it is fulfilling and rewarding nonetheless to see the children develop.

“We show them that they can too enjoy the joys of life, and then from there they just grow and they blossom, and its incredible, absolutely incredible how you can watch a child from a matter of moments come out of a shell of torment and terror and actually be a child”, said Bama.

The hope is that the organization will disband one day and no child will have to go through the trauma of abuse.

But for now, the bikers will continue to rev up their engines for any child that needs them.

Membership is free and open to the public!
The group meets the last Sunday of every month at the Triple S Harley-Davidson in Morgantown at 2pm.
Email: [email protected]
Hotline: (304) 249-4911

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Source: WDTV