Man gets life in prison for killing woman in Columbia motorcycle shooting

Ricardo Middleton, 45

RICHLAND COUNTY, S.C. — A man will spend life in prison for shooting and killing a woman who was riding her motorcycle in Columbia two years ago. Ricardo Middleton, 45, was sentenced Thursday for the murder of Sydni Collins. But, before he found out his fate, he had a few words for the judge.

According to the Solicitor’s Office, Middleton shot and killed Sydni and Aaron Collins and attempted to murder Ricky Montgomery back on July 27, 2017. All three of the victims were part of separate motorcycle clubs.  Prosecutors say the killings stemmed from a July 20 incident at a bike club event on Two Notch Road. 

Middleton was convicted of killing Sydni Collins on August 22.

“I’ve heard that a parent is not supposed to bury his or her child, and I believe this to be true,” Sydni Collins’ mother said.

Words from a mother spoken in front of a man who was convicted of killing her daughter.

“On that tragic night of 2017, if I could have taken my daughters place, I would have gladly given my life so that she could live,” Sydni Collins’ mother said. “On July 27, 2017, Mr. Middleton gunned down my daughter with two potential fatal shots and he left the scene of the murder. Sydni Collins was a beautiful, smart, kind-hearted person who would offer to help anyone in need.”

Middleton’s family also spoke in court.

“How they pinned him to be, he is not that, he is not that,” Middleton’s Aunt said. “He is a caring a person, truly he is. All I’m asking you, sir, is to please have mercy.”

Then, despite his attorney’s advice, Middleton wanted to speak to the judge.

“Your honor, I have the right to a fair trial. That’s my constitutional right,” Middleton told Circuit Court Judge Casey Manning. “This was not a fair trial.” 

Manning, however, told Middleton he was not there to discuss the trial, and sentenced the man to life.

Ricardo Middleton in court

Middleton’s attorney filed post-trial motions following the sentencing that could lead to an appeal process. 

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Source: WLTX