Trio sentenced for attack as members of Comanchero Motorcycle Club

Comanchero MC

Three then-members of the Comanchero Motorcycle Club that attacked a man who’d left the group in 2018, were sentenced in Mudgee Local Court last week.

They faced charges of ‘Participate criminal group contribute criminal activity’ and ‘Stalk/intimidate intend fear physical harm (personal)’.

Ashley Michael Bassett, 36, of Thomas Clarke Place, Mudgee, was sentenced to an 18-month Intensive Correction Order (ICO). Paul Victor Denoord, 51, of Gladstone Street, Mudgee, was placed on a 12-month ICO.

Jacob Christopher Calvert, 33, of Steel Street, Corowa (formerly of Cooyal), was sentenced to a 12-month Community Corrections Order. He was also fined $440 for a charge of not storing ammunition properly.

The orders contained conditions that they not associate with members of the Comanchero Motorcycle Club and that any paraphernalia be forfeited for destruction.

At about 6.50pm on the evening of Wednesday, July 25, 2018, the victim let the trio into the back shed at his property. They asked him if he was going to stay in the club, if not he would need to return his colours.

The victim went into the house to retrieve them and when he returned to the shed they then told him that he would need to pay a $10,000 “exit fee” or forfeit one of his vehicles.

He said he would do neither and told them to leave his property. As they exited the shed, Bassett was standing close to the victim and stopping him from leaving.

The victim shoved Bassett, who pushed him to the ground and assaulted him with Denoord, which stopped when the victim’s wife called out from the house.

They were arrested in November 2018 by Strike Force Raptor, with the incident deemed an act of violence on behalf the Comanchero Motorcycle Club.

Source: Mudgee Guardian