Hells Angel arrested, likely Manitoba’s biggest seizure of meth made in raids, say RCMP

Hells Angels Manitoba

Police say a series of organized crime raids executed in Winnipeg and the Interlake Wednesday has likely brought in one the largest seizures of meth Manitoba has ever seen.

Global News learned of an RCMP raid at a home in the 400 block of Centennial Street in River Heights and went to the scene Wednesday morning.

RCMP confirmed that raid and another on Aubin Drive in Royalwood and on the corner of Brambleberry Place and Templeton Avenue in Garden City were part of a federal raid, but would only say more information would be available in the coming days.

On Thursday police said they executed a total of nine raids Wednesday, seven in Winnipeg, one in St. Laurent, and one in Calgary.

They say the raids “resulted in a substantial seizure of methamphetamine, cocaine, cash, and a number of motor vehicles.”

“The total amount of illicit drugs and cash seized continues to be tallied, however, it is expected that it will be one of the largest meth seizures in Manitoba,” reads an RCMP release.

So far nine people — including a full-patch member of the Hells Angels — have been arrested and charged under the controlled drugs and substances act.

RCMP say money laundering charges have also been laid in connection with the raids.

The investigation is ongoing and more arrests are likely, say RCMP, who plan to release more information at a planned news conference Dec. 10.

Source: GlobalNews