Motorcycle club helps Lincoln family recover after house fire

Brothers Keepers MC ND

LINCOLN, N.D. – A Lincoln family lost 90 percent of their belongings and their dog to a house fire last Wednesday. Now, a local motorcycle club is doing what they can to help the family.

Brother’s Keepers Motorcycle member, Bill Pudwill sent out a text for help because his house was on fire, within minutes dozens were at the house helping his family.

Now, donations are coming in from as far away as Massachusetts and they say the support has been overwhelming.

“You always just feel like…that’s never going to happen to me. And it has happened and it’s reality now. It’s just overwhelming for people that we don’t even know who donated to us,” said Amanda Pudwill.

Bill Pudwill suffered burns from smoke inhalation and is out of the hospital. Brother Keeper’s say they’re holding another auction next week for the family.

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Source: KFYRTV