United Tribuns leaders sent to prison

United Tribuns Nomads

Stefan Milojevic, said to be the leader of the United Tribuns MC in Majorca, was one of four members who were ordered to be held on remand by a Palma court on Sunday morning.

Six of the sixteen people detained in a National Police operation against the United Tribuns on Thursday appeared in court on Saturday. The six arrived at the court in Via Alemania at four in the afternoon. Faced with a 1,000-page report from the police, it took until 11.30pm before statements could be heard. The defendants responded only to questions from the defence lawyer. The hearing finally ended at 3am.

The United Tribuns started operations in Majorca in early 2018. They had the appearance of a legitimate association, but the police became aware that they were seeking to fill a gap left by the break-up of a Hells Angels MC. This essentially meant taking control of the drugs trade in clubs and late-night bars as well as through brothels and escort clubs.

The others who were detained have been charged and released. The police say that they had less involvement in the alleged criminal activities and that the risk of their fleeing Majorca is minimal.

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Source: Majorca Daily Bulletin