Leader figure in No Surrender MC targeted for bombing in Norrköping

No Surrender Sweden

Housing in Norrköping testifies to great devastation after the morning bombing in Norrköping.

All appearances, the deed was directed to a specific apartment in the apartment block and the explosive charge detonated in the stairwell, according to police.

– One apartment door is completely broken and another door is half destroyed on that floor, says a neighbor.

Several people suffered minor injuries in the explosion.
PHOTO: NIKLAS LUKS Several people suffered minor injuries in the explosion.

The man tells how he sat and ate breakfast at the kitchen table this morning when the explosive charge detonated.

– I was sitting in the kitchen when it suddenly rained down glass over me while a loud explosion was heard, he says.

According to information to the Aftonbladet, the target for the attack was a leader figure within the “No Surrender” MC.

Several previously noted acts of violence in Central Sweden are suspected to have been directed at the same MC group:

► The double murder outside a nightclub in Norrköping on December 5.

► The bomb pit outside a five-storey house in Linköping on June 7. The event is described as one of the roughest explosions in Sweden in the last 20 years.

► The explosion of a strip club in Örebro on June 26.

The explosion must have taken place on the second floor.
PHOTO: NIKLAS LUKSThe explosion must have taken place on the second floor.

Police do not want to comment on how to look at the motif behind the morning’s explosion in Norrköping.

– There is nothing we can comment on. Motives are something we work with in parallel, but we must address that at a later date, says Björn Öberg, press spokesman for the Östergötland police.

Residents near the crime scene were urged to evacuate the homes immediately and it is unclear when they will be able to return to their homes.

– It will take a while. First, the bomb guard will come there to do his job and then a forensic investigation will be conducted, says Björn Öberg of the police.

Several ambulances were sent to the site after the blast in Norrköping, but no person should have been injured so seriously that hospital care was needed, according to police.

The incident is being investigated as an attempt at murder and endangerment.

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Source: Aftonbladet