Large wind power project has links to Hells Angels

B-N.C – At the end of November 2019, SVT Västernorrland receives tips that one of the companies working on the construction of the wind farm has links to the Hells Angels MC – and that there must have been a threat from a manager in the company.

But according to information to SVT, no police report was ever made.

The manager has previously been convicted of, among other things, gross robbery, unlawful threats and serious home peace crimes. It also turns out that he is an alternate in the company Hells Angels AB.

“Good skills”

According to the company Nysäter Wind, the most responsible in the wind farm, the company had to leave the workplace because of “suspicious links to criminal circuits”.

It was the main contractor Active Works who hired the company. CEO Göran Solig says the company has passed their subcontractor control and admits that they have worked with them previously.

– Yes, we did. These are people who have good skills, who deliver good things.

He says he is not aware of the company’s association with Hells Angels.

Assignment review can show that there is yet another, even stronger, connection between Active Works and the motorcycle club. One of Hells Angels full members is on the company’s payroll, he is one of the highest paid.

“There is freedom in the country when it comes to religion, other beliefs and when it comes to associations,” says Göran Solig, who says he has no right to ask people where they are members anywhere.

Information about threats

Several sources tell Assignment Review that the mood of the Active Works side was threatening when they asked for non-payment or had critical views on the work in the wind farm.

“Your damn whore”, “See you in the rear view mirror”, “Watch carefully”, “Don’t forget who we are” are examples of threats, according to several sources.

Assignment review cannot prove that the threatening atmosphere is linked to the motorcycle club or that there was a scheme that meant that the subcontractors would not get paid. Active Works CEO Göran Solig says he has not heard of the threats before.

– The only thing I can hang it on is that an atmosphere has been created from the project management at Nordex which has been very harsh, questioning, critical, because they do not want to take responsibility themselves.

“Enough of this violent capital”

Tim Carpenter, CEO of the general contractor Nordex who has taken Active Active in the construction of the wind farm, writes to Assignment Review that he does not recognize the description of a harsh and threatening atmosphere on their part. 

Stefan Lundberg, chief prosecutor at the Swedish Criminal Investigation Authority, is not surprised when he learns that there are links to Hells Angels in the project.

– You don’t have to threaten people or push their kneecaps off them, this is enough capital. It is clear to those involved that there is a motorcycle club in the periphery here.

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Source: SVT Nyheter