Penalty reduced for swedish Bandidos supporter


The suspected Bandidos supporter was sentenced to 3.5 years in prison in March for, among other things, robbery and theft. The judgment was appealed and now the High Court has decided to mitigate the penalty.

The robbery was carried out by the man whom the police suspect is related to the Bandidos MC in December. He wasn’t acting alone, but but police wasn’t able to catch the other person.

The duo penetrated the home of another man in Vänersborg. The man was beaten and was ridden of a mobile phone and a bank card, and later SEK 15,000 from his bank account. When the robbery was committed, the man’s children were also in the home.

The credit card was found in a car after a week when police stopped a driver in Grästorp. The driver turned out to be the suspected robber, a 50-year-old man from Bollebygd.

One week later he was arrested in Brålanda. With the help of spike strip police stopped a driver the 50-year-old – who tried to drive away, even though he was driving a car with a trailer.

On the trailer there was theft for almost SEK 148,000 from display villas in Frändefors. In February, the 50-year-old was prosecuted at the district court in Vänersborg. He was sentenced to 3.5 years in prison for robbery, aggravated theft, theft, means of procurement, fraud and gross unlawful driving.

The judgment was appealed by both prosecutor and defense to the High Court of Western Sweden. On Friday, the High Court announced that the prison sentence will be reduced by six months, to three years, because the theft in the viewing villas cannot be considered gross when no one lived in the properties.

Otherwise, the High Court with the district court and the claims for damages remain. As before, the affected housing company receives SEK 18,675, the insurance company SEK 15,704 and the robbed man SEK 44,238. The 50-year-old is still being held in custody and will remain there until the verdict becomes lawful. It can be appealed to the Supreme Court no later than June 12.

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