Scorpions MC SML chapter provide successful donation


The Scorpions Motorcycle Club Smith Mountain Lake Chapter made a donation of $7,500 to God’s Pit Crew in Danville with proceeds from the third annual Scorpions TNT disaster relief run. This donation was made possible by over 40 sponsors, and 100 event participants.

“A lot of the money is raised from sponsors,” Scorpion member George Perdue said. “We go around and gather sponsor. We do a T-Shirt for the ride which gives them the opportunity to help out with the charity as well as advertising. It’s been extremely successful and it’s been growing exponentially every year. We’ve gotten bigger and the sponsors have grown along with us.”

Pictured are members of the Scorpions Motorcycle Club SML chapter along with Rhonda Zola from God’s Pit Crew. The members presented a check for $7500.

The event was held on Sept. 28 of 2019 beginning at American Legion Post 1097 in Danville and then visiting three of the Scorpions clubhouses in Virginia. Following the event, participants got to enjoy food and sometimes entertainment.

“This event was started when members saw a tremendous need after three devastating hurricanes in 2017,” Perdue said in a statement. “When starting to coordinate this event we reached out to God’s Pit Crew and knew immediately that we had found the right organization. God’s Pit Crew works tirelessly locally, and nationwide to help those in need. As a club we do what we can throughout the year to support charitable events, and make a positive impact on the communities we live in.”

The Scorpions, according to Perdue, try to stay active in the community. They were part of a Halloween event put on by the sheriff’s office and gave out candy with the goal of getting some exposure to the community. The Scorpions attend other events throughout the year and make donations when they can.

“When we had the funeral run to do we had people from volunteer fire departments and law enforcement that helped us make sure the traffic and everything was safe for the run,” Perdue said. “We’ve got a great relationship in the community.”

According to Perdue, the Scorpions organization was founded in 1965 in Michigan and has been in Virginia since 1968. The Smith Mountain Lake chapter, according to Perdue, was founded in 2017.

“We’re people from pretty much every background that enjoy riding motorcycles and brotherhood,” Perdue said. “We also try to be a positive force in the community by taking part in charities and as many events as we can.”

Perdue explained that all of the Scorpions’ that in addition to coming from many different backgrounds, most of the club members still work for a living in addition to the work that they do as club members.

“We just like to do what we do and we try to make a positive impact,” Perdue said. “We’re very fortunate to have God’s Pit Crew. It wasn’t hard to look and see where we could do the most good. We wanted to know that the money wouldn’t get lost in the administration. We’re very fortunate to have an organization like. They’re local to us and they do a lot of work that’s local to the community too.”

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Source: Smith Mountain Eagle