Outlaws MC Newfoundland chapter explaining their side of Project Barbarian

Outlaws Canada

During the early hours of February 24th 2020, members of the Outlaws MC Newfoundland were arrested and charged in an investigation by the RCMP named Project Barbarian.

But till that time all of us heard only one side of the story. Now we have heard other side from Outlaws MC Newfoundland chapter.

“While all of the arrested members were charged with Possession of cocaine with intent to distribute (Section 5(1) of the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act) and detained with their possessions seized despite being searched and not possessing any illegal substances, most were released 12 hours later with charges dropped and no conditions. Some are still being charged under 5(1) of the CDSA. We believe that these charges are baseless and are raising money to help the affected members.” written on Outlaws MC Newfoundland Gofundme page.

If you want to support Outlaws MC Newfoundland in this fight, you can do it HERE.

Also Mark Hancock, The President of Outlaws MC Newfoundland chapter posted couple of video on his YouTube channel regarding this situation.

Here he explains what happened:

And here about the situation development in one week later:

A small interview to NTV (that full interview initially was 4 mins long but the news cut it down to a minute, so even media didn’t gave bikers enough time for their voice):

Full version of interview provided by Outlaws MC Newfoundland:

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Source: Outlaws MC Newfoundland