Biker group transporting Covid-19 tests will be provided free fuel from retail giant Maxol

Blood Bike East’s Feilim Mac Criosta

MAXOL will provide free fuel to the Blood Bikes East motorcycle group who are helping the HSE transport Covid-19 tests.

The Irish Sun yesterday printed a call for help in fundraising from Blood Bike East riders who are running out of fuel money as demand on their services tripled due to the coronavirus outbreak.


Last week, revealed how the motorcycle group, who usually transport blood donations and donor breast milk between medical facilities, are helping Ireland’s fight against coronavirus by delivering test swabs to labs across the country.

However, Blood Bike East’s Feilim Mac Criosta told the Irish Sun the crisis is putting financial pressure on the group.

He said: “It’s basically just for fuel. Our average monthly cost on fuel was €2,200 but now it’s probably gone into treble that now because of the Covid-19.

“We have three cars now and seven motorcyclists on the go now in Blood Bikes East alone.

“We’re picking up tests across the country in coordination with other Blood Bike groups and taking them to labs every day.”

Service station giant Maxol heard the Blood Bikes East call for help and have announced that they will provide free fuel to the bikers to help them keep up their vital work.

Brian Donaldson, CEO, The Maxol Group said: “Blood Bikes East provides a critical service and it was a practical way for us to do something that would have an immediate impact at a time when resources are stretched, and donations have dropped.”

Blood Bikes’s Feilim said in response: “We’re just so thankful for the help from Maxol.”

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Source: The Irish Sun