Mongral Mob and Black Power started a fight over last bag of chicken in supermarket

Police were called to a Napier Pak’n Save on 23rd of March after motorcycle clubs members began fighting over chicken ahead of the Covid-19 lockdown.

Officers were called at about 11.30am for the disorder which broke out in store, believed to be between Mongrel Mob and Black Power members and associates.

A witness at the store posted about the altercation on social media and said the parties were fighting in the middle of the store “over the last bag of f****ng chicken”.

“At Pak’n Save trying to get some food to stock up as we all are and the gangs want to start fighting over the last bag of f***ing chicken.

“Everyone is trying to get food, everyone is worried, everyone is stressed, that does not mean we need to act like animals.”

The shopper finished her post by wondering if this problem was going to continue over the lockdown period.

“Genuinely worried, if this is how we handle a four week lockdown how are we going to handle when sh** really starts to go wrong?”

There were no reports of injuries or weapons used and police said that the fight was broken up on arrival with no arrests made.

A spokesperson for the supermarket could not comment on what happened but said people need to listen to the Government’s message not to panic buy and visit the store as normal.

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Source: NZ Herald