Rock Machine recruits new members in Melbourne

Rock Machine MC

Members of Rock Machine, which has a long history of violent crime and drug trafficking, have been seen riding in numbers on Melbourne roads in recent months.

The club tried to gain a foothold in Melbourne and country Victoria some years ago but failed.

It is now making a fresh push into the crowded Victorian bikie scene. Other major motorcycle clubs are also recruiting new members.

Rock Machine was found to be increasingly active in South Australia last year.

A man police described as a local club president was arrested after 1.5kg of a substance believed to be methamphetamine and a loaded gun were allegedly found at his home.

The motorcycle club also has chapters in New South Wales and Western Australia.

Among former WA members was sergeant-at-arms Brent Reker, who moved to Victoria to lead the rival Finks club several years ago. Reker was found dead in his prison cell earlier this year.

Rock Machine’s entry comes at a time of instability in Victoria’s MC world.

The Finks have been involved in conflict with the Mongols, and there has also been friction between the Finks and the Rebels.

The Echo taskforce is investigating two firebombings targeting the Finks in Frankston and Cranbourne West in Melbourne’s southeast last week. Meanwhile, the Comanchero have been hit by arrests of members and associates over high-level offences.

Rock Machine and the Hells Angels were involved in the deadliest conflict in bikie gang history, in eastern Canada during the 1990s.

More than 160 people died in a turf war which lasted years. The Rock Machine gained a global reputation for daring to take on and kill Hells Angels, long thought the elite of the gangs.

Victoria Police said: “Echo Taskforce remains vigilant to the opening of new clubhouses and the recruitment of new outlaw motorcycle club members across Victoria.”

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Source: Herald Sun