Women’s Motorcycle Club delivers coronavirus PPE to San Fran’s Bay Area 1st Responders

HAYWARD (KPIX 5) — A Bay Area women’s motorcycle club is making special deliveries of personal protective equipment (PPE), including new prototype face shields, to first responders.

The “Dames Don’t Care” women’s motorcycle club has changed their name to “Dames That Care” in light of the coronavirus pandemic. Club members across the Bay Area volunteered to pick up and deliver PPE to first responders on the frontlines of the battle against the virus.

Hilary Davis picked up special prototype face shields on Tuesday.

“I am delivering some face shields made by this awesome CNC place, to a place that’s going to do some testing on them to make sure that they are going to function in the way that’s needed,” Davis explained.

Dames Don’t Care has over 1,000 members, hundreds of whom are moving around and doing whatever they can to help. Machine shop co-owner Rachel McConnell says the service is perfect for her small shop.

“Super awesome to have chicks on bikes, I’m a chick on a bike myself. It’s not here right now, but I do. I love motorcycles, so it’s really awesome to see people like that helping out,” McConnell said.

The prototype face shield is going to a doctor for evaluation and feedback. The trip from McConnell’s shop to the doctor takes 30 minutes for Davis to ride.

The members volunteer their time, their fuel and, of course, their deep concern for people who are fighting the virus.

“I’m out of work and at home waiting to see how can I assist the world with what we have going on,” Davis said.

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Source: CBS Local