Multiple arrests of Hells Angels in Finland and Netherlands in connection with large drug case

Hells Angels

Dutch and Finnish police are investigating a large drug case involving motorcycle clubs in both countries. 

According to information from the Crime Scene of the evening, the police stopped a vehicle in the Netherlands at the beginning of March that found 86 kilos of amphetamine on its way to Finland.

One full member of Hells Angels and one person on the outskirts of the club have been imprisoned in Finland. They are suspected of receiving drug cargo. In addition, one full member of the Finnish Club of Hells Angels has been extradited from Finland to the Netherlands on suspicion of drugs and money laundering.

Dutch police seized an amphetamine on March 2 in Groeningen in North Holland on the highway just before the German border. According to the North Holland Public Prosecutor’s Office, the amphetamines found in the vehicle were packed in kilo packages.

In the Netherlands, the police carried out numerous home searches and arrests in connection with a drug seizure. There are eight detainees and twenty suspects.

The Central Criminal Police is investigating the case in Finland. The investigation is in its infancy.

Is is unclear yet was arrests in Hells Angels Carelia linked to this particular case or it was part of another investigation.

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Source: MTV Uutisset