Prosecutor demands life sentence for former Mongol accused in murder attempt of Hells Angels boss in Hamburg

Hamburg (dpa / lno) – In the trial for the murder attempt on a Hells Angels boss on St. Pauli, the Hamburg public prosecutor’s office has demanded very long prison terms for the three accused. 

For the 29-year-old main accused, the authority filed for life on Wednesday. The prosecutor was convinced that the former member of the Mongols MC and his two co-accused were guilty of joint attempt to commit serious and dangerous bodily harm, as a court spokesman said.

On the night of August 27, 2018, five shots were fired at a Hells Angels boss when he had to stop at a traffic light at the Millerntor with his Bentley. The then 38-year-old was critically injured in the head and upper body and has been paraplegic ever since. The act was said to have been an act of revenge. A good two years earlier, the main defendant and his girlfriend had been victims of a similarly insidious attack in the Schnelsen district. The two Germans had suffered serious gunshot wounds. The police could not solve the crime, but the couple had blamed Hells Angel for the attack.

The 73-year-old father of the main suspect is scheduled to go to prison for eleven years. For the alleged gunman, a 27-year-old Bulgarian, the public prosecutor applied for eight years and two months’ imprisonment and placement in a psychiatric hospital. She assumes that the accused is less guilty, it was said.

The regional court of Hamburg had already sentenced the 29-year-old suspected commissioner to life on 3 June last year. His girlfriend was sentenced to twelve years and six months. She had driven the car from which the shots were fired on the Hells Angel. While the 25-year-old accepted the guilty verdict, the judgment against the 29-year-old did not become final due to a formal error. That is why he is now on trial again with his German-Afghan father and the Bulgarian.

The Bulgarian got the shots on Hells Angel. “I targeted his shoulder – and then shot five times,” said the defendant in court, according to his interpreter. He had only learned the day before that he was supposed to shoot someone for a payment of 10,000 euros. It was too late for a retreat. He was worried that his clients would harm him. The promised reward is said to have stuck with middlemen. The 73-year-old’s defense lawyer denied his client’s possible involvement in the act and planning in February.

The 29-year-old former Mongols MC member is said to have commissioned the act from prison “out of revenge and to restore his honor”. He was there at the time for gun and drug offenses. After the fact, the investigators had monitored his girlfriend’s visit to the prison and secretly recorded their conversation. After the court found in the first trial that the record could be used as evidence, the accused made a partial confession.

The defenders are to deliver their pleadings next Tuesday and give the defendants the opportunity to have one last word. The verdict is scheduled for April 23.

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Source: Sueddeutsche Zeitung