Bikers help Black River Falls man celebrate 30th birthday

COVID-19 is making it difficult for people to celebrate birthdays the traditional way, but for one Black River Falls man turning 30, family and friends made sure it was a birthday to remember.

Skylar Everson who lives at My Place Too, an adult group home, celebrated his 30th birthday on Sunday. But because of social distancing and quarantining, Everson’s family members weren’t able to celebrate in person with him. So his family, caregivers and friends planned him a birthday party unlike any other.

“Skylar’s birthday is a national holiday for those of you that don’t know. So we always have a really big party,” said the owner of My Place Too and one of Everson’s caregivers Marcie Peterson.

“He’s just an amazing, bright, happy soul that you can’t not be happy near,” said Everson’s caregiver Amy Turner.

Turner says she asked her friend David Louden, a fellow motorcyclist, for help planning Everson’s birthday.

“Just kind of gave him my idea, asked if a couple bikes could ride past and then it became this,” said Turner.

On Sunday, dozens of bikers from the Chippewa Valley rode their motorcycles to Black River Falls to wish Everson a happy 30th birthday.

“A bunch of bikers came out. We love what we do and we want to spread the passion and that’s the best way we could’ve done today,” said Louden. “Ride out, make some noise, do some burnouts and just make this day special.”

Bikers and friends of Everson’s gave him different gifts to make him feel like a rider too.

“He received a hat that says 82nd airborn division,” said Louden. “We donated a motorcycle vest so he can wear his vest, he’s got some patches on there and he’ll be able to put some more patches on there. He received a flag off my bike so that way whenever he looks at that flag, he’ll be able to remember today.”

Everson’s caregivers say it was a very special day for a very special person.

“It’s been an amazing joy to see him so full of life today,” said Turner.

“I just wanted to make the day special for him because I know when your routine is interrupted that can be very hard to comprehend especially when you’re lower functioning and we just wanted to make this day a special day he’ll remember until his last breath, ” said Louden.

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Source: WI Proud