Alleged bikie’s gym photo leads to consorting accusations

B-N.C – POLICE have accused an alleged bikie of habitually consorting with “convicted criminals” at a private gym on Anzac Day.

Harley Joe Barbaro, a member of family and the brother of slain Sydney underworld boss Pasquale Barbaro, was also fined for breaching the public health directive.

He faced Southport Magistrates Court yesterday charged with habitually consorting between January 12 and April 26.

Barbaro was granted bail yesterday on condition he not contact the men involved and remain at his Ashmore home.

It is alleged that in July 2017, November 2017, May 2018 and February this year Barbaro was served by police with consorting warning notices telling him he could not associate with Todd Anthony Barnes and Tyrone Wilton Norman Poole.

Police allege they warned Barbaro twice in March for associating with Mr Barnes. On April 26, police became aware of a social media post made by a friend of the three men.

It is alleged the post contained a picture taken on Anzac Day of Barbaro, Mr Poole, Mr Barnes and other men at a private gym in Biggera Waters.

Police claim the photos prove Barbaro was consorting with the two men he should not have been. A search of the home of the man who posted the photo was conducted by police on Wednesday.

Police also allege they found a picture showing Barbaro, Mr Barnes and Mr Poole dining in Labrador in January.

Outside court, his lawyer Campbell MacCallum said Barbaro had also been issued an infringement notice for disobeying the public health directive.

He said Barbaro would fight the habitually consorting charge. “We are willing to take up this fight once again to ensure citizens have the right to associate and socialise with whomever they choose without arbitrary interference from police,” Mr MacCallum said.

“We need to maintain such fundamental rights against draconian laws such as these and the only way is to fight to the death in court.”

Barbaro, in mid-2018, was among the first in the state to be charged with the consorting laws and he was acquitted of the charge in March last year.

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Source: The Gold Coast Bulletin