Freeway Rider’s MC patchholder from Hagen jailed for homicide attempt

Freeway Riders MC Germany

HAGEN (B-N.C) – Around a year and a half after a shot at a Bandidos biker in Hagen, a member of the Freeway Rider’s MC was sentenced to five and a half years in prison.

The 59-year-old admitted that in October 2018 he was behind the wheel of a car from wich Bandidos member was shot.

The victim was shot in the abdomen and seriously injured. The 26-year-old’s life was saved by an emergency surgery. The verdict of the Hagen court is that it was homicide attempt.

During the process, the 59-year-old had agreed to pay 5,000 euros as compensation to the victim.

The passenger of the defendant’s car who was also involved in the assault should also pass the court hearings.

According to the verdict, it is impossible at that moment to determine who actually shot.

The background to this homicide attempt was a bitter argument in the bikers milieu.

The Freeway Rider’s MC Chapter Hagen was disbanded on April 26, 2020.

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