Albany man gets jail for “traumatic and frightening” home invasion


B-N.C – An Albany man who linked to the God’s Garbage motorcycle club has been jailed for his involvement in a “traumatic and frightening” home invasion in which a firearm was aimed at a 15-year-old girl.

A 15-month-old baby and her two teenage siblings were inside their Brookdale home when Dalton Jack Dillon, 25, and three co-offenders broke down the front door just after 6am on September 3, the Perth District Court was told last week.

Dillon was wearing a God’s Garbage T-shirt at the time. Judge Vicki Stewart told the court one of Dillon’s co-offenders raised a firearm in the direction of the teenager. CCTV footage captured inside the home showed the girl being followed by three offenders to her baby sister’s room before the four intruders rummaged through the house, while the teenage girl held her “distressed” baby sister.

Dillon and two of his co-offenders had visited the home twice in the same morning before breaking in and stealing an iPhone, an iPad and a DVD player. Dillon was high on methylamphetamine at the time he committed the aggravated home burglary and stealing offences.

He pleaded guilty to both charges in February after being arrested and taken into custody by police on November 22. Before handing Dillon a 28-month prison sentence, Judge Stewart told him people had the right to feel safe in their homes.

“The incident was traumatic and frightening to the occupants of the home,” Judge Stewart said.

“You were not deterred by the presence of the victims, including a baby who was approximately 15 months of age, and two teenagers.” Judge Stewart backdated Dillon’s sentence to the time he was taken into custody.

“I’m confident that with the support that you have … from your family and friends, that you can get off drugs and not get involved with any more outlaw motorcycle gangs,” Judge Stewart told Dillon.

The God’s Garbage MC started its first chapter in Albany in the 1970s before expanding into Perth and the South West.

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Source: The Western Australia