Doctors count on bikers to deliver life-saving protective gear

NEW YORK CITY (AP) — With their fellow New Yorkers in need, an army of unlikely couriers are distributing supplies in the coronavirus hotspot.

Their efforts are keeping doctors protected and lifting the spirits of those on the front lines.  

With New Yorkers mostly isolating at home, the city’s congested roadways have been freed of gridlock, allowing motorcyclists like Melanie Milano to zip between boroughs.  

She’s putting the open streets to charitable use by delivering masks, gowns and other protective gear to medical professionals in short supply.

She’s one of hundreds of bikers nationwide volunteering with Masks for Docs, an organization that purchases Personal Protective Equipment from suppliers and donates it directly to doctors.

Medical professionals can request supplies through its website.  

Masks for Docs has delivered more than 100,000 masks and tens of thousands of face shields in the U.S. in four weeks. Many of those drop-offs have been made by bike.  

“Riding my motorcycle around the city to deliver PPE to people who really need it is the least I can do,” Milano said.  

Milano has made about 15 runs with Masks for Docs, many alongside girlfriend Ashley Zeolla.

“It makes me genuinely smile,” Milano said.

“It’s hard in a time like this to actually feel genuine happiness. Knowing I’m helping somebody through this in a way is huge.”

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Source: WKRG