Carlos Alexandre temporarily suspends Hells Angels Portugal lawsuit

Hells Angels Portugal

B-N.C – Judge Carlos Alexandre, who leads the Hells Angels case, decided to postpone indefinitely all sessions that were marked by flaws in the Webex electronic system that is used in the courts.

The judge awaits the measures that will be approved in Parliament on the judicial deadlines to reschedule the remaining steps, according to SIC Notícias.

The preliminary debates was scheduled for the 11th, 12th, 14th and 18th of May.
The Hells Angels case has 89 defendants, some of them in preventive detention, and 36 lawyers who advocated the use of virtual means of communication such as Webex Meetings, now authorized by the judge.

The prosecutor argues that the 89 defendants of the Hells Angels MC devised a plan to annihilate a rival group in March 2018, using physical force and various weapons to cause serious injuries, “if necessary until death “, including Mário Machado (leader of the extreme right New Social Order movement).

The defendants are accused of a criminal association, attempted qualified homicide aggravated by the use of a weapon, offense to physical integrity, extortion, theft, drug trafficking and possession of weapons and ammunition, among other crimes.

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