Portugal: The Supreme Court decides in the Hells Angels case

Hells Angels Portugal

In the decision to bring the 89 members of the Hells Angels biker group to justice, Judge Carlos Alexandre sent 50 defendants to house arrest after they were all released from excessive preventive detention.

A decision that has earned severe criticism from the defendants’ defense lawyers and which is accused of qualified murder in the attempted form caused by the use of a weapon, the criminal organization, the possession of prohibited weapons and ammunition, the violation of qualified physical integrity, extortion, qualified theft and qualified harm was aggravated and drug trafficking.

And the first inquiries about “Habeas Corpus” have already been received by the Supreme Court (STJ).

This Tuesday the decision on the application for immediate release will be known in relation to two of the accused, represented by lawyer Aníbal Pinto. It is about the illegality of the change in the coercive measure.

The document sent to the STJ states that “the defendants are illegally and unjustifiably deprived of their liberty”.

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Source: Illadel Graff Supply