Prez of Caloh Wagoh Hague chapter arrested in alleged murder

Caloh Wagoh

B-N.C – The detectives detained Marciano M. (42), the president of the Hague chapter of motorcycle club Caloh Wagoh, on Tuesday evening. According to the judiciary, that motorcycle club has committed liquidations, murder attempts and other gross violence on behalf of Ridouan Taghi

The detective considers Delft man Marciano M. to be one of the most important leaders of the club. A new witness under code number 5043, for whom justice is requesting the status of ‘anonymous endangered witness’, states that he was involved in the liquidation of the Belgian businessman Stefaan Bogaerts (55) on September 21 in 2017 in Spijkenisse.

Previous arrests

Recently, 49-year-old Radesh ‘Jack’ S. and Errol from M. (33) had been arrested again for involvement in that murder, after they had already been arrested in 2018 but were quickly released for lack of evidence.

Marciano M. is an ex-brother-in-law of crown witness Tony de G., who made many detailed statements against members of Caloh Wagoh, of which he was a prominent member. Criminals hanging around the motorcycle club were also discussed in the statements. De G. also spoke extensively about the liquidation of Bogaerts. 

The heavily secured courtroom in the Schiphol Judicial Complex, where the court held another hearing in mega case Eris on Wednesday. ANP IMAGE


In November 2019, the Criminal Investigation Team (TCI) already received new information about the murder. Snow, Jack and Marciano would be the perpetrators. “Snow of Jack” would have shot, Marciano would have driven them. 

Witness 5043 states that Jack S. and Errol from M. and Marciano M. met victim Bogaerts at a café in Spijkenisse where many members of Caloh Wagoh came. The first two would have shot the businessman. Marciano M. is said to have driven and supervised the shooters.

Getaway car and murder weapon

After the liquidation, the getaway car was found burning in Barendrecht. This contained an automatic weapon that the Netherlands Forensic Institute has now determined has been used for liquidation. Parts of burning clothing that were left with the car were found with DNA from Jack S. and Errol from M.

The liquidation of Bogaerts is part of the major criminal case under the code name Eris, in which 18 suspects are now detained. The murder file is the main theme in the overview on Wednesday that the prosecutors gave another introductory session on the state of affairs. Suspected client Ridouan Taghi has not yet been sued in the Eris case, because he has already been tried for many murders and liquidation plans in the related mega case Marengo. 

Delay due to corona

Due to the corona virus, the mega business Eris is also delayed, although the judiciary states that it is still unclear how much hindrance the process will experience. The Public Prosecution Service hopes that an ‘administrative hearing’ can be held in October at which the lawyers can indicate what further investigation they still want. The file should be largely ready by mid-June.

Requests for release

Lawyers for several suspects asked the court on Wednesday to release their clients for lack of evidence for their roles. The court will decide on those requests on May 15, when a second group of suspects will be put on trial again.  

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