Too early to decide the future of the former Hells Angels clubhouse in Sherbrooke

Hells angels Stronghold in Sherbrooke Quebec

SHERBROOKE (B-N.C)- It is still too early for the Director of Criminal and Penal Prosecutions (DPCP) of Quebec to determine the future of the Hells Angels clubhouse in Sherbrooke and the vast property on which it is built.

This symbol of the motorcycle club is the last fortified hideout still standing in Quebec.

Elsewhere in Quebec, clubhouses were destroyed or burned, and the land, subject to blocking orders since April 2009, was handed over to municipal authorities or sold.

By refusing to hear the owners’ appeal, the Supreme Court of Canada sealed the fate of the property, which was handed over to the Attorney General of Quebec in April.

The DPCP’s property management service manages the building, but has not made any decisions about its future.

The City of Sherbrooke has a legal mortgage there given the unpaid municipal taxes of $72,180 since the seizure during the SharQc operation in April 2009.

In Sorel, on the land where the bunker was erected, supervised housing for people living with an intellectual disability could be built by 2021. The building was burned down in 2008 when a tanker truck containing several cans filled with gasoline went into the room. The land was confiscated in 2016. The land, whose unpaid tax debt reached more than $ 41,000, was given to the City of Sorel-Tracy.


In Trois-Rivières, the former Hells Angels clubhouse was handed over to the City in 2015, which was able to demolish the building. The land was put up for sale in 2016 to recover unpaid municipal taxes. The City could have drawn $200,000 from it during a sale to a developer wishing to build an office building there. But the project has still not materialized.

In the Saint-Nicolas sector in Lévis, on the South Shore of Quebec, the bunker was built in the middle of a residential area. After a bomb exploded in front of a Hells Angels hideout in the late 1990s, citizens demonstrated against the presence of the bunker, which was seized and destroyed in 2003 after a long legal battle.

The City of Lévis acquired the land in 2004 for $62,894.57 from the Attorney General of Quebec. In 2015, the land was transferred to the Lévis Municipal Housing Office, which built affordable housing on this land.

Also in Lévis, Charny’s hideout was officially confiscated by the court in May 2015 and the demolition of the buildings was ordered.

Despite negotiations with the Attorney General of Quebec, the City of Lévis has never owned the land on rue du Quartier-d’Antan located near highway 73 in the Charny sector. The land was sold for $ 100,000 to Multi-Gestion SB, a drainage, excavation and snow removal company, in June 2017.

In Saint-Basile-le-Grand, the premises of the South chapter of the Hells Angels were destroyed on January 30, 2006. Two private residences were built on vacant land confiscated in 2004.

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Source: La Tribune