Minot boy celebrates birthday with a bang thanks to biker community

Hunter Trigg who turned 6 last weekend, has always had a love for motorcycles.

“I was expecting maybe 10 or 12 people then all these people came and you hear all the bikes coming in before you could even see them.” Bethany Shaw, Mother of Hunter said.

To celebrate Trigg’s life and his fascination, New Horizon Motorcycle Club, Northern Infields Motorcycle Club, Gallows Motorcycle Club, and American Legion Riding Club, showed up in Oak Park.

“He just has a fascination with bikers so we came out here to make him happy and celebrate his birthday.” Northern Infidels Motorcycle Club Michael Lilly said.

Nearly 50 bikers rode around the park revving their engines, singing happy birthday, and even gave Trigg a few gifts to take home.

“This is so awesome and I was excited” 6-year-old Hunter Trigg said.

But for the bikers, this meant a lot more. It gave them a chance to show what being in a biker club is truly all about.

“Well there’s been a common misconception about bikers for a long time and generally they’re all good people, so we’ll do anything we can to influence a kid to just get out.” New Horizon Motorcycle Club Josh Morlan said.

“All bikers are just a big family and it means so much to me that how supportive they are for everything as in birthdays, cancer runs, you name it. They’re so involved in the community ” Grandmother Kelly Otto said.

In all everyone had a good time and as for Trigg his fascination will never fade away.

To cap off Trigg’s big day this past week he and his family visited his nana’s house and ate cake.

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Source: KXNET