Bikers and family members put on parade for Virginia Beach citizens

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. — Motorcycles and cars could be heard throughout the Beth Sholom Village in Virginia Beach for National Skilled Nursing Care Week. 

As senior residents lined the sidewalk, the Chesapeake Riders Club along with family members made their way to the senior care facility to have a rare in-person encounter with their loved ones. 

“It makes my heart really full,” said Josh Bennett, the Recreational Therapy Director at Beth Sholom Village.

Local residents waved and cheered. 

“All the family members are ecstatic because they get to see their families finally in person,” said Gloria Mack of Chesapeake Riders Club. 

The group made two passes around the facility and even though they couldn’t get out of their cars and off of their bikes to hug the people they love, it was still felt in the air. 

“Life still goes on and we can still be happy,” exclaimed one resident. 

Bennett explained that the parade, while fun for participants and residents, also serves as a reminder to the community to not forget the elderly and those that care for them.

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Source: 13 News Now