Revolution MC contributes R80,000 ($4,500) towards hampers

Revolution MC

Organisations worldwide are doing their bit to assist the needy during the COVID-19 pandemic by contributing financially or taking up the challenge to feed the poor and distribute food hampers.

Locally, the Revolution Motorcycle Club has helped set up the Coronavirus Action Committee (COVAC) and kick-started the food hamper campaign by donating R80,000.

This generous contribution elicited a series of donations from individuals, organisations and businesses that helped to make over 4,500 large food hampers.

An appeal for organisations, to contribute to the fund to help make more hampers and serve nutritious soup to impoverished residents in the Chatsworth and surrounding areas, is being made.

Clive Pillay from COVAC shared that many organisations in Chatsworth and surrounding areas are active in the communities they are doing work in.

“The lockdown has prevented them from continuing their work. We appeal to organisations with funds to help our campaign. There is a great increase in people, who need support since the lockdown, and we are running out of funds to address the problems of hunger and health safety. Money is needed now, we are sure you can replenish your funds when all this is over and life is back to normal. Now it’s your turn. With thousands in this community needing basic needs during the lockdown, making a donation to ensure their well-being is crucial,” he added. 

For more information on how your organisation or business can assist, contact Clive Pillay on 061-429-2574.

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Source: Chatworth Rising Sun