OPP Biker Enforcement Unit assisting in Kingston Police Outlaws MC related investigation

Outlaws MC

One of the Ontario Provincial Police’s niche units is assisting in a Kingston Police investigation because of the accused’s involvement in the Outlaws Motorcycle Club.

Last Friday, Kingston Police sent out a startling news release in which they accused a local man of threatening strangers who he thought were speaking about him, following them when they fled and then pointing a firearm at them.

The man was located a few hours later in his vehicle. Police said that inside the vehicle they found numerous other firearms and weapons, and ammunition. The weapons and ammunition were hidden throughout the vehicle, according to police.

The man, identified as Coady Higgins, 40, was charged at the time with four counts of possession of a weapon dangerous to public peace, three counts of handling ammunition carelessly, uttering threats to cause death, pointing a firearm, use of a firearm to commit an indictable offence, possession of a prohibited firearm without holding a licence and registration certificate, an unlicensed person in possession of a prohibited weapon, occupying a motor vehicle knowing that there was a prohibited firearm inside, and possession of a loaded and regulated firearm.

Sgt. Scott Wade of the OPP Biker Enforcement Unit said his unit was informed of Higgins’ arrest because of his involvement with the Outlaws. Wade emphasized that Higgins’ arrest and the subsequent investigation had nothing to do with his Outlaws status.

“We’re involved because the biker unit is responsible for investigating criminal activity with relation to all motorcycle gangs, including the Outlaws,” Wade said.

Wade said that while they have no evidence that the firearms are linked to his Outlaws status, “firearms and violence are common in the Outlaws motorcycle culture.”

“Very scary from a public safety perspective, but it shows the threat of the ongoing violence in the (Outlaws Motorcycle Club) world,” Wade said.

Kingston Police said in their initial release that the man they arrested had believed the strangers had been talking about him. Wade said that had Higgins kept his cool, they wouldn’t be involved and he’d still have his firearms.

“(The investigation) affirms what our stance on what the Outlaws Motorcycle Club is,” Wade said. “They are a danger to society, they’re a threat to public safety, and that’s why we are engaged as the biker enforcement unit. It really just proves why we have a multijurisdictional unit with teams spread across the province — because they’re a threat.”

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Source: The Kingston Whig Standard