Mom says prayers are making a difference for Caleb, boy badly injured in motorcycle crash

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. — “We have a long road of recovery ahead of us,” Nancy Springston tells me. She’s talking about the recovery of her 11-year-old son, Caleb.

Caleb was badly injured in a May crash that killed his grandfather, James Douglas Turner, 59 years old from Theodore, Alabama. A beautiful day for riding and bonding with his grandfather took a terrible turn when they were hit head-on by an SUV on Highway 59 in Loxley.

Although it is a long road, Springston says her son is responding to the power of prayer. Powered by the Pray for Caleb Facebook page, people from all over the country are praying nightly for him at 8pm central. Caleb has been in Children’s Hospital in Birmingham since shortly after the crash. At first he was not conscious. “He might cortical vision loss, his brain may not be communicating the images his eyes are seeing to be able to interpret them. As he heals and his brain heals the degree to which this vision loss occurs may change and it’s hard to know. Time will tell as he recovers,” Springston tells me.

But, she also tells me the prayers are working. Caleb is now opening his eyes, and moving his arm. He even waved for a recent photo.

In another photo, he flashed the “I love you” sign.

Bikers rode to raise more than $7,000 in mid-May, to help what will surely be staggering medical costs.

His church, Living Hope in Saraland, has also started a fundraiser for the family to help with medical costs. To donate, click here. But more than money, Caleb’s mom stresses she wants your prayers. To follow Caleb’s recovery and learn more about how to take part in prayers for him, check out the Facebook page.

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