Car attack confirmed to be a part of bikers tensions in Munich, Germany

Hells Angels Munich

An open war between bikers is close to spark in Munich, Germany. Recent attack in which car was steered into a group of people is allegedly confirmed to be executed by members of Hells Angels MC.

According to the sources, there were four members (six by some other sources) of HAMC in the car, which after collding of car with people got out and started beating the victim with intentions to kill as well as another person who had intentions to help to the target of the assault.

Build reports that the black Mercedes of the Munich president of the Hells Angels charter “Deep South” is said to have parked near the crime scene at the time of the crime . After the attack, a man in a camouflage jacket is said to have gone by car. Howewer, this report was not confirmed by police.

The victim reported to be Erdinc D., a former member of Black Jackets MC.

The initial investigation revealed that attack could be a planned revenge to Erdinc D., who perviously attacked a member of Hells Angels in a McDonalds in Munich few months before with two others accomplices using a brass knuckle as a weapon.

Police reports that five houses in Munich have been searched and several arrests already made. Further arrests pending.

“We have specific suspects we are looking for,” said the spokesman for the Munich police headquarters, Marcus da Gloria Martins, on Friday. 

Investigation continues.

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