Munich, Germany: bikers may be blamed by police in car attack on pedestrians


A vehicle was driven into a small crowd of people in the German city of Munich, before the occupants got out and attacked people with a knife. Three were injured. Police say the bikers’ may be to blame.

At least six men in a vehicle drove deliberately into a group of people in the German city of Munich on Wednesday afternoon, before getting out of the car to attack the people, police have reported.

Three people were injured, all of whom were taken to hospital.

“A car drove into a small group of people and its occupants got out and attacked the people, according to the current investigation,” Munich’s police force wrote on Twitter. “We are now looking for the vehicle. We do not believe there is any danger for you,” they added.

The six occupants of the car proceeded to “violently assaulted” the group of pedestrians, the Munich police said. A knife was used by at least one of the assailants.

Police said that “a fair amount indicates that the people knew each other” at this early stage in the investigation.

“The search for the assailants is in full swing,” the police spokesperson added.

Revenge attack?

The attack may have been a coordinated “revenge attack” by members of the Hells Angels motorcycle club, German newspaper Bild reported.

Earlier somebody Fire attacked Hells Angels member’s house in Brandenburg, Germany

“According to the first preliminary investigations, there was a pre-existing relationship between the perpetrators and the injured, which suggests a connection with the rocker milieu,” the police said in a statement.

“Rocker” is a label given in Germany to members of motorcycle clubs like Hells Angels.

“The Munich police have started the investigations and are currently working intensively on all leads and witness information that has already been obtained. The investigations will continue into the night,” they added.

Police also said that they had closed off the area where the incident took place, and warned that severe traffic delays and disruptions were likely.

The occupants of the vehicle along with the vehicle itself remained at large.

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Source: Deutsche Welle