Fire attack on Hells Angels member’s house in Brandenburg, Germany

Hells Angels

On Friday morning, hitherto unknown perpetrators carried out an arson attack on a house in Rehfelde / Werder. Nico T. (44) lives in the house, according to BILD information a member of the Hells Angels in Brandenburg.

The perpetrators had placed an unknown explosive device on a window sill of the house window on the ground floor facing the street. And on another, a half-liter bottle with liquid.

At 3.45 a.m., a neighbor awoke from the firelight across the window. She alerted the fire department, ran to the house with a bucket of water and put out the flames.

Nico T., who lives in the house with his partner, was not injured. According to BILD information, however, he is said to have shown himself to be very “uncooperative” in the course of the investigation vis-à-vis the officials. When the flames were already extinguished, he is said to have taken the “fist-sized” object from the window sill and “handled” it.

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Source: Bild