DeRidder, La.: The Bayou Reaperz MC and Lady Reaperz SC financing foods and drinks on a local Senior Prom

Bayou Reaperz MC and Lady Reaperz SC

DeRidder, La. (B-N.C) – Due to the COVID-19 just a normal Senior Prom is almost impossible, so one of the moms – Amber Maricle had to be creative while organiing and planning a Senior Formal.

Maricles’ DeRidder High School Senior Formal scheduled to be on June 27 from 7:00 p.m. until 11:30 p.m. and will take place at Beauregard Parish Exhibit Hall. Entrance is planned to be free and each of Seniors will be granted with two free passes.

Strands Hair Salon is responsible for distribution this free tickets, so DeRidder High School seniors may pick them up there.

Local photographer Barrie Shaw will be taiking a photos and Cake it Backery will be responcible for catering.

Bayou Reaperz MC and Lady Reaperz SC of DeRidder have raised the funds last Saturday to cover the food and beverage cost for the Senior Banquet.

“It was just brought to our attention through social media that they got the ok to have one. So again it was unanimously decided that we were going to definitely help these kids out any way that we could,” said Chelsy Wilson Public Relations Officer.

The help of Bayou Reaperz and Lady Reaperz is not just a cost of food coverage it is also a time investment in fundraising, help with drinks, setup and other things they can do to help make the senior formal memorable for the kids.

All raised money went to Cake it Bakery to cover the cost of food for the Senior Formal.

If anyone wants to reach out and contribute anything they shouldn’t hesitate to contact Maricle at 337-375-6768

Written by Eric Silbermann, Submitted by Chelsy Wilson

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